You will need to enable Flash in order to play this game.

A classic text-adventure game like in the old days! Featuring: green trolls, mighty knights and a mysterious old man! Multiple endings ensure that you will have a different experience every time you play! There are 4 diffrent endings each in need of a diffrent approach of the game. And for the people who are new to the text-adventure genre there is a tutorial which will explain some aspect of how to play. If you play the game well enough you can complete all 5 achievements!

Type in commands using the keyboard.

Some useful commands:
help - Instructions on how to play the game.
reset - This will reset the game (not your achievements).
site - This open a new window to my website.
credits - This will show the credits.
achievements - This will show your achievements.
look - This will show your surroundings.
examine - Take a closer look to a object.
tutorial - A tutorial on how to PLAY the game.

2009-10, Flash, Actionscript 2